How it all started?

Welcome folks! This being the first post, I have to describe how it all started?

I have read and heard about so many interesting stories of how it all began for them? Some I have learned over time are made-up, dressed-up to make it sound more interesting and exciting! Here is simply the vanilla version for us.

I started living in Bangalore after a long time in US. Time came to purchase a car, to be honest the experience of car buying was much better in India than US in terms of the pampering. And to add to it, I was very impressed with the SMS messages I used to receive – such as “Your 5000 km service being due”. And once I drove the car into the service center, I used to get almost a live update of what’s happening over there (about 3-4 messages with confirmations). Then I started talking to friends about why such a service made sense to manage other things – top on that list was Healthcare.

The conversations concluded that many Healthcare systems in the market are too much focused on procedures, processes, financial information, data and so on. Thus we gave ourselves a mission for Smarter Healthcare (SmartRx) to improve the interface between patients and the complex Healthcare systems in place to impact patient health and healthcare practice in a positive way.

What we have tried to do since then is to take this idea and marry it with some of the requirements of a Healthcare provider and come up with a solution for Proactive Health Management. Several months after the eureka moment, I am more confident and determined now that we can improve delivery of healthcare using these concepts.

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SmartRx – Winner POI and Receives Grants

In the earlier post, I wrote about us being selected as the finalist for Power of Ideas (POI) contest.

We had a rich and rewarding experience after becoming a finalist. The hilight definitely was the sessions at IIM-Ahmedabad that provided knowledge, inspiration and guidance for companies to execute better. Thanks to CIIE and its team of mentors. You folks rock!

anilMore recently we were selected among the 20 companies of the 75 to receive grants from Dept of Science and Technology. The same was given to us last week on Oct 19, 2012 in a function in New Delhi.

SmartRx appreciates the grants from DST and we will utilize this money to expand our focus on care templates build several pre-defined templates to make the implementation process easier.

We will also build several free tools for the general public using our platform along the lines of the Immunization Reminder Service. Thanks once again to CIIE, DST and Economic Times for the program and I am confident that several of the green shoots seen in the program will go on to become large successful corporations.

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SmartRx – Finalist @ Power of Ideas

Pleasant news to share – We made it to the final list of Power of Ideas initiative from Economic Times and IIM-A. Among 75 companies of 16,000 applicants 🙂

ET 2

It is further validation that we at SmartRx are working towards bringing about a transformational change in Healthcare. As we continue to develop our products and acquire customers, I am excited about the possibilities of working with the Govt. to reach and impact the masses.

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National Immunization Month

It’s been a while since I had time to write. In the meantime we have been quite busy launching our products and getting customers live. I have a lot to write and will start writing atleast a couple of times a month.

Today what inspired me to write is a little new thing we launched – Immunization Reminder Service. An email came to me ~1 week ago that made me aware of August being a National Immunization Reminder month. I saw the immunization schedule in a paper pamphlet, and also as a list on different websites. My immediate thought was why not make it more usable through a Reminder Service? Here it is now live with a few days of our effort:

Immunization Reminders

We now have it available to anyone out there who wants to get timely reminders via SMS to keep their little ones on schedule for their checkups. This is EXACTLY what we call Patient Engagement – from a little pamphlet to making it so easy to get reminders which can also include a way to confirm their appointments. Our service can be configured FREE of cost to any doctor/hospital with their phone/name in the reminders that are sent out – Interested doctors, hospitals can contact us at

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