Patient Care – What Patients Like?

Reading volumes of research on understanding patient mindset and hospital services, its no-brainierĀ that Ā “Patient Care” is cited as the #1 focus to improve hospital / healthcare practice. For example, see excerpt below survey data from McKinsey Report titled Better Hospital Experience.

Ok. So there are a number of things that will come to mind once you read it fully – provide nice interiors, maybe a TV, A/C, of course cheaper service / value for money, etc,. etc. But #1 aspect patients like according to the survey is “Keep them informed about the treatment both during and after the visit“. This is by far the biggest item on patients radar, next closest being 50% lower in importance!

Great! seems like a good idea to spend a few more minutes with the patient to explain about the health conditions and the treatment options and possibly give them some materials to take home. Wonderful!! But this only addresses part of what patients expect that is “during the visit“. What about “after the visit” which becomes even more important for chronic health conditions and health situations that last more than a couple of months?

That’s where I feel the focus of patient care should expand beyond the actual visit to managing the situations, advice and patient dialog after the visit to the healthcare provider or hospital. There are lots of technology tools to manage/simplify patient visit like EMR, Practice Management solutions et. al. But technology can be applied to enable and simplify communication post visit to health care provider for mutual benefit.

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I am the CEO of SmartRx. I am very excited about our mission to enable Patient Centric Care. I plan to share with you company happenings, our ideas and progress from our mission. I am also founder of Pragna Technologies (into HR services) and prior to that AskMe (in KM space; acquired by Realcom). I have worked at Microsoft, Siemens prior to those (ad)ventures.
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